Don’t Get Carried Away – PH Sabah Youth Chief

Don’t Get Carried Away – PH Sabah Youth Chief

Raymond Ahuar...

KOTA KINABALU, SABAH – The Warisan led State Government has been told not to get carried away with gratifying the Barisan Nasional assemblymen whose defections took them to power.

State Pakatan Harapan Youth Chief Raymond Ahuar said the government must never forget that the genuine fighters are the many Warisan and PH members who fought against the BN from day one.

“We are grateful to them (defectors) for without them ‘Sabah Ubah’ would never be realised. But then, we must never forget the genuine fighters who fought against the BN from the start,” he said in a statement.

He singled out Warisan vice president Datuk Peter Anthony as one of the Warisan leaders who deserves recognition after having suffered a lot as a result of his fight for his party against the BN.

“He was insulted and pressured to the point that few police reports were lodged against him for fighting for Warisan especially over the many slanders including those coming from Upko claiming that the party was an illegal immigrant party, a Suluk and Tanduo party,” he said.

He said Peter and other Kadazandusun members of Warisan had worked hard to get the party accepted by the native community in the state amid all the derogatory labels being hurled at it.

Raymond said that the Warisan led State Government and its Pakatan Harapan partners must not forget the issue of race being used by the BN and other parties like PAN, PCS and Gabungan Sabah against them before and during the general election.

“So, we must not forget the KDM members who defended Warisan and PH,” he said.

He insisted that although Warisan and PH are grateful to the BN defectors, they must not allow anymore BN leaders from joining their parties or else risk seeing the resurrection of the old regime.