GE14; BN Candidates Better Than Oppositions – Hiew King Cheu

GE14; BN Candidates Better Than Oppositions – Hiew King Cheu

Datuk Hiew King Cheu - Credit Photo; FMT

KOTA KINABALU, SABAH – MCA Luyang Assemblyman Datuk Hiew King Cheu  said Barisan Nasional (BN) candidates for the upcoming 14th General Elections are better than the oppositions.

He said BN aims at not only winning the election but  installed a system to ensure the people who won their seat shall perform and serve the people well.

“The criteria on selection of a candidate will be focused on his/her ability, capability, quality, experiences and a good heart to serve the people. This is the basic principles adopted on the selection of winnable candidates by the BN.

“Unlike the opposition parties who only gang up just before the general election and pulling people from all corners who wanted to get a hand in the election or to try their luck.

“Many of them have no proven track record of public service and performance. It is worst still some of them are particularly unknown to the people, and the new party has no strong background except absorbing plenty of political opportunist or drop out from other parties.

“Based on the standard, quality and performance of the people in BN or from the opposition camp who are intending to contest, we can conclude that the BN candidates will be far better,” said Hiew.

Looking at the Chinese leaders in the BN, he said comparatively they are more outstanding, capable and with a shining service records.

“These BN Chinese leaders have worked hard for the well being of  Sabahan for a long time,” he said.

“The BN Chinese leaders like Datuk Seri Teo Chee Kang, Datuk Edward Yong Oui Fah, Datuk Seri Raymond Tan, Datuk Au Kam Wah, Datuk Pang Nyuk Ming, Datuk Charles O Pang, Datuk Linda Tsen Thau Lin, Datuk Mary Yap Kain Ching and many others are highly qualified people with vast experiences in public service which is essential so as to enable them to serve the people to their best. 

“Each one of them had executed their entrusted duties via their portfolio to high recommendation and result. 

“The people in Sabah had benefited in many ways from their hard work in education, tourism, financial institution, commerce advancement, industries development, housing development, community development, to maintain peace and harmony,” Hiew said.

He also urged the people in Sabah to carefully analyse the situation in the coming GE14 before casting their votes, and should not gamble away the peace and harmony of the country.