Issue Of Alleged Warisan Support “Instant Citizens”, A Former PCS Leader Chastised...

Issue Of Alleged Warisan Support “Instant Citizens”, A Former PCS Leader Chastised Youth Leader PCS


KOTA KINABALU, SABAH – A former Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS) leader, Hasmin Azroy Abdullah, had on Thursday chastised the Acting Youth leader of PCS, Shalmon Sanangan who had earlier on alleged that Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) had support of “instant citizens” from the Philippines and Indonesia who were given Malaysian MyKads in the past 30 years.

“If that had been true, then Datuk Seri Wilfred G. Bumburing and Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee would not have been so desperate to court Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal in the first place

Hasmin Azroy…

“If Bumburing is fully aware that PCS will face barrages of allegation and criticisms from the BN component parties at all the KDM constituencies they intend to contest on the same ground of accusation made by Shalmon, then why would Bumburing previously wanted to form an electoral pact with Warisan?” he said here on Thursday.

He also disagreed with the contention made by Shalmon that Warisan is seeking dominance in the electoral pact between the State’s opposition parties so that it will have absolute power in drafting State’s policies once taking over the State Government.

“Remember,  Warisan is only seeking for an electoral pact with Pakatan Harapan and not interested to be one of its component party so unlike how the Barisan Nasional (BN) Sabah coalition operates now,  Pakatan Harapan could always veto any policy drafted by Warisan if that coalition believe it is unfair or non-beneficial to the Sabahans,” he said,

The former Youth Chief of PCS also said that it is a little bit too late for PCS to attack Warisan now.

“Warisan had effectively sealed the electoral pact with Pakatan Harapan and there is no point for PCS to attack them thru whatever figment of imagination they created in the hopes of getting attention. 

“You may very well get the attention that you want but it will last only for a few hours and soon be forgotten thus you will need to do more attacks on Warisan. 

“I also believe that any further attacks on Warisan by PCS will backfire and in turn will make more PCS members becoming interested to know more about that party,” Hasmin said.

Meanwhile,  Warisan Penampang Wira Deputy Chief,  Brian Tawid Bai said that the allegation made by Sabah BN Backbenchers Chairman, Datuk Seri Abdul Rahim Ismail that Warisan is doing Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s bidding is unfounded.

“Only a person who is full of imagination in the likes of Rahim Ismail be able to come out with the story line alleging that Warisan is the State’s springboard for Bersatu.

“While it is of no use to entertain the imagination by Rahim who never able to give any conclusive evidence on this matter despite him being the State’s BN Backbenchers Chairman and having access to Najib Razak’s administration, it is worth to highlight it here that Warisan is a party on its own without having to listen to anyone’s order including from Dr Mahathir.

“In fact, if Warisan is the proxy of Dr Mahathir, then there would had been no initial disagreement between Warisan and DAP Sabah over the seats negotiation for Sabah that had led the supporters and party members from both camps to trade attacks to the confusion of the Sabahans.

“Would Warisan and DAP be that stupid to indulge into such a damaging drama on the electoral pact which Rahim had alleged it to be?” he said.


Brian also said that while Warisan and Pakatan Harapan shares the same goals and ideals as how Sabah should be, that would not mean that Warisan is greedy for posts.

“While other opposition parties in Sabah only want to win as many seats as possible irrespective of whether they defeat BN or not, the common goal between Warisan and PakatanHarapan is to introduce new sets of State Government’s policies which will be beneficial to the rakyat and to make Sabah respected once again.

“Hence, in order to achieve that, Warisan and Pakatan Harapan need to defeat BN this GE14 so does Pakatan’s effort to seize Putrajaya and Warisan’s on Sabah implies that Shafie is crazy for post? 

“Unlike other opposition parties in Sabah who may swing to BN or Pakatan Harapan by assuming the role as Kingmaker, the electoral pact between Warisan and Pakatan 

Harapan is very firm on this matter which is for a total regime change,” he said.