New Service Centre to Serve The People in Luyang and KK

New Service Centre to Serve The People in Luyang and KK

Datuk Hiew King Cheu - Credit Photo; FMT

KOTA KINABALU, SABAH – The people appreciated very much the new public service centre office set up by the MCA – Datuk Hiew King Cheu in the Foh Sang shop at the same location of his previous ADUN Luyang office.

Hiew said the objective of setting up the MCA service centre is to continue to serve the people in Luyang and Kota Kinabalu.

“The office will assist the people in the various aspects like education, employment, and to provide various consultations, infrastructure complaints, on PR and Mycard application, building and land matters etc,” he said in a statement here, Sunday.

Hiew thanks the people for giving him the support and encouragement during his difficult time when he left the opposition party to become an independent state assemblyman.

To date in the state assembly record, Hiew remained as an independent state assemblyman, although he is attached to BN MCA.

“In the past 20 over years, I have been continuously serving the people in various ways no matter what political parties I was with. I have no regrets in spending time and effort to help people. Feeling great and happy is my big consolation when I helped people,” he said.

Now since he is no longer the Luyang state assemblyman, he decided to continue his public service role to serve the people.

“I welcome the people who need my help and assistance to approach me as usual in my Foh Sang shop office, and I will do my best to assist,” he concluded.