SIA Hopes For Support From New Sabah Government

SIA Hopes For Support From New Sabah Government

Taren Sunil Manoharan...

SANDAKAN, SABAH – Sandakan Indian Association (SIA) President Taren Sunil Manoharan has expressed his hope and confidence in getting support from the new Sabah Government.

The SIA President also said that he is confident that the new State Government will enact policies that will benefit all citizens.

Speaking at a “Buka Puasa” function at the SIA premises at Bandar Kim Fung in Sandakan last night, Taren Sunil pointed out that SIA is a non-profit body that has been organizing many social and community-orientated programmes for both members and non-members and as such has to seek funding and support from both the Government and the private sectors.

Some guests at the buka puasa event…

Over 35 members and guests attended the “Buka Puasa” function last night. It was organized by the SIA Committee together with the many Muslim members of the association.

“Our members comprise those of different religions and backgrounds. We therefore have many opportunities to jointly celebrate the different religious and cultural festivals to promote and strengthen unity and goodwill within SIA itself and among the local populace in general,” said Taren Sunil.

Among those present were SIA Vice-President Nor Aslam Mano Bin Abdullah, Secretary Jocelyn Lee, Treasurer Hamand Kumar Muniandy, Assistant Secretary Uigeswaran A/L Thiruvewgadam and Committee members Vemala Devi A/P Vadivelu, Bagyamammah Engkate Soo, Santhi RG Krishnan and Rina Bhowmick. Also present was Gardif Singh, one of the 3 trustees of SIA. Many came with their families.

“We are very pleased with the contributions and active participation of our members who always voluntarily help make every SIA function a success,” said Taren Sunil.

The SIA President also stressed that the local Indian Community has a meaningful and useful role to play in Malaysia’s multi-racial population although their numbers in Sandakan and Sabah are relatively small. He noted that Indian businessmen and professionals contribute substantially to the economy and progress of the state. Many Indians are also serving with dedication in the various Government sectors as doctors, teachers and police personnel.

“Sandakan Indian Association and our members will continue to do whatever is possible to contribute towards the good of the local community, the state and the country,” affirmed the SIA President.