Website For Public To See Usage of Funding Allocation – MP Tawau

Website For Public To See Usage of Funding Allocation – MP Tawau

Thank you..... Christina shakes hand with one of her voters...

TAWAU, SABAH – Parliamentarian Christina Liew will create a transparent usage of her funding allocation by publishing it in a website for public to see and it will also have columns for public to give their ideas on future planning in her area.

Liew who is also Sabah’s Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Sabah and Minister of Tourism,  Culture and Environment said this is her pledge that will eliminate any possibility of fraud and bringing in ideas from public living in her parliament over what are needed to be built or upgraded with the allocation.

“I meant what I said in my pledges and this is one of them among others that I am announcing to do,”  she said after visiting the district’s Sin Onn market to meet and extend her appreciation for those that had voted for her.

Christina also stated that she will set up service centres in both her parliament and constituency of Api-Api as she is in the process of halting her legal firm business in the state capital.

“I am devoted to ensure that we in the new government will do what the past government can’t and providing public the service they deserve,” she added.

Christina said she should have began earlier but due to the transition of state government which had taken longer than anticipated which she and her colleagues took part.

She cited she needed another two months to fully set up both service centres but assured that it would be done as soon as possible.

In a related matter,  Christina also said she is currently setting up her team to handle public grievances and will announce all names and contact numbers for public to contact.

Christina also took the time to visit the damaged road near the district’s airport which had partly submerged and met with officers from the Public Work Department over the matter.

In another of her pledge,  she said that she will be meeting with related government agencies and private sectors to organize package tour to ensure that the district would capitalize on the opportunity and stimulating the economy which directly leading to more job opportunities.

Christina said she had proposed to a tour agency that will be bringing in some 100 tourists from China that they should be brought to the district as well as it has attraction that could lure tourists.

“Seafood here is fresh and reasonable in price but we should prepare some kind of package for them when they come within a month or two and we need to ensure that we are ready to play host to them,” she said.

Christina stressed that the district need to work toward such venture as the opportunity is now available.

Other places visited by her was the bridge at Kongsi 10.

She said all the complains reported to her on all the sites she had visited are noted and remedies are being planned.